Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Love of my Life.

     This is going to be about my one and only. <3 The person that matters most to me, my life, Justin. He is known as Undead_Sha on the PSN.

     I met Justin in Middle School. First time I ever saw him was in the cafeteria, he was walking by with a DBZ shirt on. Which was what caught my eye. To those that don't know, I was a complete DBZ nerd fanatic back then. Seeing him pass by with that shirt I had to exclaim out to him "Love your shirt!" In which he gave me a weird look and said "Thanks..."

     It wasn't then when I would really get to know him it was until Seventh Grade history class. I didn't even notice he had that class with me until I ironically was moved to sit behind him. I say ironically because we all had to sit in alphabetically order. His last name starts with 'S' and mine with 'A'. So clearly I wasn't going to be sitting near him. That was until another student needed my seat in the front for bad eye sight.


     So I had to trade her seats and was put right behind him. At first, we didn't really talk until he started being a comedian for another classmate. In an effort to make the other classmate laugh, when he would have to pass papers back to me he would just wing them at me, causing them to fly onto the floor... I would roll my eyes and chuckle a little.


     Some time later he then would start passing little pieces of paper back to me. Which had a grim reaper drawn on them which made me laugh. Soon it turned into note passing and a series of comics of the grim reaper out to get me. So in return, I would start making little comics back. I ended up making a five page comic about Inuyasha (Shut up, I was 13) being my body guard and beating the grim reaper up and slaying Justin...

This is where our friendship began.

     I would spend the rest of my time in Junior High with him as my best friend. We sat together at lunch, hung out with each other outside, hung out by the lockers during class change, talked on the phone after school. We pretty much spent as much time as we could at school together. In the Summer, we IM'd each other. His friends also became my friends. He was always acting goofy and making jokes. We were always laughing. It was only later in my life that I would I truly appreciate it. He was the shoulder I cried on when my first love broke up with me and the one to save my life when that love left me a second time. But, I won't go into those details. After that time, I felt more of a connection to him.

      We went onto Senior High and it was all the same even still. Sitting next to each other at lunch and spending any time we could together. Laughing and having a good time. Then in the Summer after Ninth Grade, I thought to myself, I love him... more than a friend.

     So I got up the nerves to tell him, even though it was over AIM, lol. It took awhile to get it out and for some reason he already figured what it was I wanted to tell him. When I finally got it out, I freaked and couldn't believe what I said. But he said it was okay and that he felt the same way.
This is where our relationship began.
     Everything was amazing. For the first time in a long time I was happy, unbelievably happy. That Summer, was a Summer not to be forgotten. Our first date, our first time holding hands, our first kiss, our first cuddle and so on...(You get the picture.)

It's been almost six years later since then. We've endured so much together. I can't say that our relationship is perfect or ever has been. No one's relationship is. We've had uncountable fights, unforgettable memories, lots of smiles, many tears and endless love and laughter. We have grown up together and have learned so much from each other. He is the love of my life and that will be forever.

My soul mate. I love you, forever and ever.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PSHome's Weekly Update! x2

     Well, it's certainly been awhile since I last blogged. I've been... busy, yeah. Anywho, to make up for lost time, I will also post the weekly update from two weeks ago that I meant to blog. This week's update was fantastic for me. I nearly went broke! My favorite developers pushed out some great things, just my style. <3 From Granzella's long awaited Neon Downtown sexy clothes (Minus the actual Neon Downtown, like come on already!), to nice Billabong and Wrangler items!

Bubble Skirts!

     Granzella released alot this week! 3 Turtleneck & Bubble Skirts sets and 39 articles of Neon Downtown apparel, including tops, skirts, shoes, fans and even hair.
I purchased the Black & Red and the Light Grey and Dark Grey of the Turtleneck and Bubble Skirt Sets. Which I'm absolutely adoring.

From Granzella, above I am wearing:
Side Triple Braid Hairstyle $0.99 (Released two weeks ago.)
Cutie Frilled Dress, Top (Black) $1.99
Bubble Skirt
(Dark Grey) from a $2.49 pack.

Above I am wearing:
Side Triple Braid Hairstyle $0.99/Granzella
My red top is Annie - Burnt Russet $0.99/Wrangler
Bubble Skirt (Red) from a
$2.49 pack/Granzella

Above is all tops from Wrangler
. <3

The top seen above is Sexy Gorgeous Dress, Top (Black) $1.99/Granzella

     Now here's what I meant to post two weeks ago but couldn't. Joining me is my besty, TrickedOutHoro.

We are wearing Stole Cardigan Outfit Sets from Granzella. $2.49 for each set.
Each set comes along with:
-Knit Cat Ear Cap
-Knit Cat Ear Cap, Large
-Stole Cardigan & One Piece (Full Body Outfit)
-Vertical Belted Long Boots

Horo is sporting the Beige & Orange and I am sporting the Red & Navy along with the
Side Triple Braid Hairstyle.

Till next time! Peace.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Despite not being a religious person whatsoever, I do still feel a little giddy on this day. When I think of Easter I don't think of Jesus Christ mostly, I remember the good memories my family gave me on this holiday. Easter baskets full of candy, toys, movies and in my early teens, videogames. <3 Oh, and bunnies!

Any who, unfortunately I was not able to post anything about the last PSHome update because not only am I broke, I have been sick. But, when hanging out with my friends around 3am in the morning, an idea for a post crossed my mind. Easter/Spring outfits!

                 Here's my friend MistyLear in an awesome surgical mask, bunny costume.

                                                           MistyLear and I as chic bunnies.

TrickedOutHoro and I sporting Spring dresses.

                                     My boyfriend (Undead_Sha) and I in formal Easter attire.

I don't have any big plans for today. As a young adult, I no longer recieve those magical Easter baskets of joy. I will be chillaxing as I always do, enjoying a nice big dinner with my family, hanging with these awesome friends and impatiently waiting for The Walking Dead season finale tonight! Other than the Easter I recieved TLOZ: Wind Waker in my basket, this will be the Best. Easter. Evar! (Hopefully, if it's a good TWD season finale...)

With my love, Undead_Sha, my bestie TrickedOutHoro and his love MistyLear, and the adorable, kind hearted Hachi-Roku_-. <3

Friday, March 22, 2013

PSHome's Store Update!

Every Wednesday is store update day on PSHome. Something I look forward to each week! I almost always buy something that is new on this day, 'cause there's usually some really nice things. Though rarely, there are crappy updates and I find nothing that appeals to me. Anyways, I'll be blogging about every update items that I purchase.

This week Granzella released Taisho School Uniforms. I purchased the red and pink female one. My friend, TrickedOutHoro, purchased the black male one. Seen below.

The one I purchased is 2.49$ and comes with:
-Ponytail and Red Ribbon (Head Item)
-Top and Skirt (Full Body Item)
-Black Boots
-Peach Umbrella in umbrella stand (Furniture ornament)
-Peach Umbrella (Locomotion)

The one that TrickedOutHoro purchased is also the same price and comes with:
-Black Cap
-Clothes and Cloak (Full Body Item)
-Black Shoes

Also released from Granzella a FREE Taisho-era Student Movement. It is actually pretty cute, I'm using it in the picture below.

Lastly, I also bought Lockwood's Delirious Squid Gothic Poses. It is 2.49$ and comes with four poses, Devil Horns, Despair, Memento Mori, and Swoon. You can see me Swooning in the middle of the frame below.

I'll be looking forward to the next update and blogging about, until then. Laterz.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

About me.

So here is my introduction. My real name is Caitlin. Those close to me call me 'Cait'. My internet identity is Yosho. I use this name on any and all things on the net. My PlayStation Network ID is Yosho13. I'm 22. I was born June 14th, 1990. I am half American/Filipino. I am from and live in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The things I love in life are my boyfriend, family, friends, videogames, music and movies. (The same as the next person, I know.) My boyfriend and I have been together five years, going on six. I have a big family and I love that fact. Some of my favorite game series of all time are The Legend of Zelda (OOT, MM and TP) Final Fantasy (VII-XIII), the Sims, Call of Duty (MW2 and Black Ops1), Mass Effect, etc. (Too many to name.) My favorite music genre is rock.  I really like anime, but mainly the art of it, not a fan of too many anime shows. If that makes sense.

I have an artistic side, though it needs a bit of a touch up. Okay, a big touch up... I'm into writing, drawing and photography. I have a story I haven't worked on in years, haven't drawn much the last six years, and I recently have been able to work with photography. (Thanks to my awesome new camera!)

As for PSHome and other virtual worlds, I love the fashion. Which will be showcased in this blog.

As for my dreams and the future, I hope to get out of the rut I'm in, move on with my love, become something and enjoy life, for once.

Other than that. I'm just your average gamer girl.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


So here's my first post. Seeing as it's my very first, I decided to post my very early (noob) days on Home.

 My very first pic.
(Me) (Sha)

 (Sha) (Me) (Atam)

 (Me) (Raz) (Sha)

 Trying to impress him.

Longest train evar.
"Quit fighting, and look. FRUIT!"

 My very first bought outfit.